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Penthouse apartments are considered to be at the top of the real estate markets, and are often the most expensive. Large living spaces with expansive views and top-of-the line amenities. Penthouses are therefore often associated with wealth, success and a luxury lifestyle.

A penthouse apartment or a penthouse is an apartment on the highest floor of an apartment building. Penthouses are typically differentiated from other apartments by various luxury features. Some of the features that may be included are for example views of the city skyline, high-end appliances, finest materials, luxurious flooring system, a private entrance or elevator (safety), or higher/vaulted ceilings, a terrace with a garden and/or pool, fireplace(s), more floor area not found in the majority of apartments in the building, multiple master suites, over-sized windows, den/office space, jacuzzi, and more. They might be equipped with luxury kitchens featuring stainless steel appliances, granite counter-tops and much more. Penthouse apartments may also have two or more levels. Residents may also have the possibility to use a number of building services, such as pickup and delivery of everything from dry cleaning to dinner reservations to restaurants and events and other concierge services.

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